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When Divorced Girlfriends Offend: Too Quick to Criticize Love & Men?

<!– Featured Image –> Recently a divorced woman named Sue found herself in a “gross” conversation with her divorced griflriends.  Not “gross” as in the subject matter was lude or disgusting; rather, the conversation left her feeling gross.  For  somehow, her friends’ … Continue reading

5 Don’ts In A Relationship Advice For Women – Ayushveda

Women can have a dimensional variation to men’s opinion in a relationship. But in order that a relationship works optimally, both men and women have to give it a uniform shape despite all the differences. It is good if you can spontaneously get attuned to the changing needs of your partner and your partner gets … Continue reading

Female Views on Love, Sex and Cheating

Do you believe that it’s only men that cheat and women don’t, there are plenty of articles on this and you will hear relationship experts, psychiatrist and other relationship pundits that are saying this but the fact is given an opportunity both genders are capable of cheating on their partner. The latest poll conduced by … Continue reading

Single Parents Know It – What are their Priorities

Being single and ready to mingle is an easy tagline for all those who want to enjoy their single relationship status but for single parents it’s much more than this. They are single but, they are parents too and they have the freedom of being single with a huge responsibility of being a parent. Single … Continue reading

6 Signs Your Marriage Will End In Divorce | Madame Noire | Black …

thinkstock From YourTango Maintaining a marriage requires intentionality. Just like other relationships, if your marriage doesn’t receive the necessary time and attention, it will deteriorate. Couples tend to enter marriages with great expectations, bringing both their own histories of hurt and unmet needs. The unspoken expectation that your partner will finally love you the way you desire to be loved is often a … Continue reading

Types Of Men Women Should Date – Romance – Nairaland

There are some men who seem to attract the attention of every woman. Then there are other men who, well… maybe they go unnoticed more often than not. That initial attraction is based on emotion, lust, or physical desire and is not rooted in anything of substance. Making decisions to date and commit to a … Continue reading

10 Reasons Not To Get A Divorce – Read & Have A Rethink – Family …

Here’s Why you Need to Rethink Divorcing your Partner Ending a marriage can not only take a toll on you emotionally, but also physically. Divorce rates are increasing across the world and the reasons range from alcoholism, physical abuse, infidelity, lack of communication, etc. In this day and age of drive-in marriages, quick divorces are … Continue reading

About Going In With An Open Mind | Baggage Reclaim by Natalie Lue

For some people, when they go on dates, they end up being guilty of this dangerous optimism where they’re basically acting like they’ve won the lottery before the numbers have been called. They’re ‘buzzing’ and ‘spending the winnings’ in their imaginations, hopeful that this date is ‘it’ and they’ll have a ‘happy ending’. But then … Continue reading

where can you find decent people to date? – Online Dating Support …

Have you tried online dating? Talk about players, that’s been my experience. I too attract all the wrong men. Might have something to do with the way we see ourselves and our self esteem on why we choose these partners. It’s not easy, I don’t want to be alone, but at the same time … Continue reading

Really feel Intimidated?with me | Marijuana for MRSA

Girls Feel Intimidated If You Come Across As A Know-it All Or Too Confident Of Your self! discount How to Choose the Greatest On-line Married Dating Sites Discover the excitement and thrill of on-line married dating internet sites, and learn how to choose 1 that greatest suits you and your requirements. This does not … Continue reading