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Girl’s Got Shine: Take it from me

A lot of people ask me for advice on dating – what to say, how to write a profile, how to read a guy. I suppose this is because I’ve been dating for almost four years. I’m also asked for advice on singlehood – again, I suppose because in between my brief relationships over the last few years, … Continue reading

On-Again, Off-Again: Celebrity Couples Who Can’t Make a …

By Deanna Atkins In Hollywood you never know who’s going to step out as the next big couple, especially when the new duo can be broken up before the official word even gets out. To be fair, it has to be difficult to maintain a relationship … Continue reading

Married to a Chef | Blog | The number one reason why you’re upset …

Finding Good Love Is Hard For Halle–And – Madame Noire

FayesVision/ This whole Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez triangle is the stuff of daytime soap operas, Tyler Perry scripts and late night Nollywood films (yes, Nollywood, not Hollywood, I’m a HUGE fan). I’ve been popping popcorn for two days now. But it also confirms something I have suspected for a long time: the … Continue reading

Necole Wiz Khalifa Will Be A Married Man In A Few …

Wiz Khalifa’s relationship with Amber Rose has been moving pretty quickly considering they started dating last year but plans to actually make it official with a wedding seemed to have come to a halt earlier this year when Amber found out that she was pregnant.  Now, in a new interview with Hot 97′s Angie Martinez, … Continue reading

Dating tips, Relationship advice: What Makes a Man Fall in Love?

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Cheating happens more often than you might think. How do couples get past it? Sam and Mari had been married for two years when Mari learned Sam was having an affair with a co-worker. Sam was working incredibly long hours in his job as a first year law associate at a very large firm. In … Continue reading

Alone and single, or alone and married?

I’ve never been married, and have not been in romantic relationships of any type for most of my adult life – by choice. I’d much rather be the way I am, than be in a relationship or marriage that made me unhappy. I grew up watching my married parents stay together (“We made a commitment!”) … Continue reading

“Men Must Be Spiritual Leaders” – Real Life Consequences

by Kristen Rosser (KRWordgazer) “The man should be the spiritual leader of the home.”  That is the standard teaching of most Protestant, evangelical churches.  The Open Bible website has a whole page of Scriptures which apparently support this– many of which I have addressed elsewhere on this blog.  I believe this teaching springs from a misunderstanding of the … Continue reading

How to Answer, “Are You Ever Getting Married?” and Other …

The holidaysare upon us, and that means well be spending time with relatives(good and bad) who sometimes ask intrusivequestions like: Dont you ever plan to settle down? When is that guy youre going with planning to propose? Are you seeing anybody? Why not? They are also prone to making unhelpful statementslike: Youre not getting any … Continue reading