When to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Dating is all well and good. But is has to lead somewhere and that somewhere might be down the aisle. boston corporate apartments . When is the right time to propose to your girlfriend?

There are more than a few answers to this vexing question, depending on your point of view and background. For example, in some cultures this question will not even arise, simply because your marriage will be arranged and there are no proposals. In other cultures, the man may not make a marriage proposal until a certain amount of time has passed in a couples courtship.

But, lets assume we live in a free and democratic culture where a man (or woman, for that matter) has the right to propose to his or her partner whenever they like assuming, of course, that they are of a legal age to wed in the eyes of the law.

There are situations where a couple will meet, fall passionately in love and decide to get married in the blink of an eye. Sure, love at first sight does exist, and its a very romantic notion. However, love at first sight should not automatically equate to marriage at first opportunity. fairfield dentist . Statistically, marriages that happen very soon after a man and a woman become romantically involved are doomed to failure. This is because time is required for men and women to learn more about each others strengths and weaknesses, possible annoying habits, even gulp shady past and criminal record. According to a number of recent surveys, marriages last the longest when the wedding happens a minimum of three years after the partners first get to know each other. mini storage . And with each passing year after that (before marriage), the odds increase even more.

Some followers of certain religions, and those with specific moral codes, advocate that no sexual activity should occur between a man and a woman before they get married in other words they remain virgins until marriage. Some studies have shown that sexual mismatches can occur if this path of abstinence before marriage is followed, but in the end this is a personal choice. Nevertheless, young men and women need to be aware that sexual incompatibility is a major cause of marriage breakdowns.

As for the occasion of the proposal to your girlfriend, you may want to keep it simple or be elaborate. These days, lots of guys are trying to come up with the most impressive settings for their marriage proposals. Some of these involve elaborate setups with so-called flash crowds, intricate dance crews, announcements at sporting stadiums, etc. Sometimes, these stunning performances find their way onto the TV news or YouTube, amassing millions of views. If you are happy with the entire world witnessing your proposal, then you might like to try one of these stunts. Just be careful, though, you could wind up being the epic fail of the week if your woman turns you down. Its probably best to spare yourself the embarrassment of a refusal, and for that reason you might want to ask your girlfriend to marry you in a more intimate setting. Down on one knee has always been a favorite.

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